Registration With Paper Presention

ISAPL members Non members Student
Early registration July 31st 60€ 70€ 50%
Late registration Registration September 30th 80€ 90€ 50%
On-Site registration (to be defined) 100€ 100€ 50%
Banquet 25€

Registration Without Paper Presention

ISAPL members Non members Student
Early registration July 31st 30€ 40€ 50%
Late registration Registration September 30th 50€ 70€ 50%
On-Site registration (to be defined) 80€ 80€ 50%
Banquet 25€

Students have 50% discount, but for getting it, they must add their institution attesting.

The 12º ISAPL International Congress success depends on the diligent work of student volunteers. If you would like to help at the Congress in return for the registration fee waiver, please contact us.

To register with the Congress, the proponent needs to be up to date with his/her membership fee at ISAPL. The fee covering the period 2020-june-2023 is 50€. Non-members should sign up the membership form.

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This procedure must be performed only once, for users who have not yet used the SWGE platform.

Creating Account:

1 – Access the SWGE Platform (;

2 – Click the NEW ACCOUNT FORM;

3 – Fill in your Name & E-mail, create and confirm a Password, select at least the SWGE Privacy Police, language and click the CREATE ACCOUNT button.
The password is case sensitive.

4 – A new account will be created and an e-mail will be send to registered e-mail with a code to Account Activation.

Activating Account:

Your account must be activated after creation.

Open the e-mail with the activation code and find the link to activate. The link starts with “https://” and ends with a 36-size hexadecimal code. Click the link to activate your account.

You also can copy the 36-size hexadecimal code and paste it in ACCOUNT ACTIVATION FORM.

After activating, you will be able to log in your account.

If you have an active SWGE Account, you can access the SWGE Platform ( and use the LOGIN FORM.

Fill in your e-mail and password and click the LOGIN button.

At the first login, you must to fill in your profile.

After login / profile step, the ISAPL functionalities will be shown (SUBMIT A NEW ABSTRACT, MAKE A NEW REGISTRATION, etc).

To make a registration, click the “[+]” MAKE A NEW REGISTRATION plus sign.

  1. Select your category (ISAPL Member / Non member / Student ISAPL Member / Student Non member);
  2. Select additional items – you must pay the 3-year ISAPL fee 50€, if selected a member category. You also can pay the banket ticket 25€;
  3. If you are registering yourself, select the “I’m doing my own registration” or “I’m doing the registration of other person” if you are registering another person.
  4. Fill in / complete the Personal Information fields;
  5. Select the Receipt option (in your name or in name of another person / company);
  6. Fill in / complete the Receipt fields;
  7. Click the PROCEED button.

You will receive an e-mail confirming your registration and your registration will be shown in MY REGISTRATIONS area.

To pay your fees using credit card, click the CIELO button (CIELO is a Brazilian payment gateway).

Fill in the card data and the CONTINUE button.

In your credit card billing this payment will be appear as “EVENTOS SWGE*ISAPL 2020”.

Please contact the SWGE Help Desk: