For those who still wish to submit their abstracts, we inform you that there is still the possibility of presenting your communications in the Regular Sessions, or in the form of Posters.

Abstract submission must be done through the SWGE platform.

See below for a step-by-step guide for using the SWGE platform.

This procedure must be performed only once, for users who have not yet used the SWGE platform.

Creating Account:

1 – Access the SWGE Platform (;

2 – Click the NEW ACCOUNT FORM;

3 – Fill in your Name & E-mail, create and confirm a Password, select at least the SWGE Privacy Police, language and click the CREATE ACCOUNT button.
The password is case sensitive.

4 – A new account will be created and an e-mail will be send to registered e-mail with a code to Account Activation.

Activating Account:

Your account must be activated after creation.

Open the e-mail with the activation code and find the link to activate. The link starts with “https://” and ends with a 36-size hexadecimal code. Click the link to activate your account.

You also can copy the 36-size hexadecimal code and paste it in ACCOUNT ACTIVATION FORM.

After activating, you will be able to log in your account.

If you have an active SWGE Account, you can access the SWGE Platform ( and use the LOGIN FORM.

Fill in your e-mail and password and click the LOGIN button.

At the first login, you must to fill in your profile.

After login / profile step, the ISAPL functionalities will be shown (SUBMIT A NEW ABSTRACT, MAKE A NEW REGISTRATION, etc).

To submit an abstract, click the “[+]” SUBMIT A NEW ABSTRACT plus sign.

Fill in the abstract submission form* and click the SEND ABSTRACT button.

* You must to select the presenatation LANGUAGE and the congress session THEM, fill in the TITLE and ABSTRACT, select the number of authors (for each author fill in the NAME, E-MAIL, INSTITUION and COUNTRY), select the ACITIVITY and check the COPYRIGHT and CONFIRMATION.

After submission, the authors will receive a confirmation e-mail and the ABSTRACT will be shown in your MY ABSTRACTS area (and in the ABSTRACTS I AM COAUTHOR area for the other author’s account).

Please contact the SWGE Help Desk: