The honorary members of ISAPL, Prof. Leonor Scliar-Cabral (Florianopolis, Brazil) and Prof. Maria da Graça Pinto (Porto, Portugal) along with the ISAPL Board members elected at March 1st, 2021 ISAPL Extraordinary Meeting and the President of the 12th International Congress, Prof. Marcus Maia welcome and invite all scholars and students interested in the area of Applied Psycholinguistics to participate in the Congress and in its scientific, social, and cultural activities. This important Scientific Meeting provides an exciting opportunity to share information on research with colleagues from around the world, integrating basic scientific research with practical applications for the benefit of human modern life.

The special emphasis topic of the Congress is on NEW PERSPECTIVES IN PSYCHOLINGUISTIC RESEARCH: LANGUAGE, CULTURE, TECHNOLOGIES, having in view what Cultural and Applied Psycholinguistics can offer for the benefit of our contemporary world.

We hope that the congress will attract a lot of scholars and colleagues, working in practical areas, in basic research, or teaching in schools and universities, for a scientific, academic collaboration.